Mambe & Danochilango - La llorona

Los Fuegos -Multination

Los Fuegos' single in 2017. 

Trypical Cumbia (Live in Studio) - Negrita

Trypical cumbia is a musical collective that was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. They perform their own rendition of traditional cumbia and latin american folklor. 

Los Sonex (live at Teatro del estado, Xalapa) - Luna de mi corazon

Los Sonex praise and update their own musical tradition, they implement  rhythms and sounds influenced by genres like Afro-peruvian, Cuban, Flamenco, salsa and urban tendecies  like Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Rock and Reggae

Los Aguas Aguas (Live in Estudio G)

Los Aguas Aguas are the carriers of a peace message which they gladly transmit through their musical talents on whatever stage they perform. 

Emersound (Live at Ufa Fabrik, Berlin) - Lass alles Raus

Emersound and his band connecting with the audience in his very particular and unique way. 


This performance took place in Berlin 2016. 


Recoveco (Live in Studio G)

Full performance


Recoveco is a talented and fresh group from Veracruz (MX), a place full of a rich and ancient cultural mixture due to its strategical geographic location in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Timoneki - Ay Mamá (Official Video)

Latest release by Timoneki 2016


The project embodies through a great variety of sound textures reproduced by Mexican traditional instruments such as “jarana” and ukulele supported by beats, samplers and electronic textures.

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