Gringo Cumbia is a time traveling cowboy from the Old West who has found himself in a society which praises the mundane, consumes all that it's given, and indulges exclusively in the most superficial of desires.  He struggles to integrate within this modern Yankee civilization since he is foreign to social conventions such as gender equality, vegan diets, or high fives.


In order to escape from the challenges of this nighmarish new reality, Gringo Cumbia embarks on a journey south towards the distant seashores of Central America, where he is surrounded by an exquisite mixture of fresh breezes, sunny beaches, shady palms, and cheap booze. In a fit of euphoric self-discovery, Gringo Cumbia soon surrenders too much to the pleasures and commodities of this timeless tropical lifestyle, becoming himself a prisoner of his own desires, much like those he was seeking to escape.  Our hero, now a flip-flopping dandy, strolls the sandy villages awash in the sweet smells of citrus, salt, manure, and wood smoke.  


But one of his desires overpowers all the rest and he snaps from his tropical stupor, recovering the last crate of cerveza he emptied, and recruiting a couple unassuming street urchins with beat-up guitars.  Thus, Gringo Cumbia forms a musical trio that he is convinced will boost him into the favor of the local señoritas.  There is something about playing this music on these yellow sands that reminds him so well of the red dirt back home, but will this combination be enough to save Gringo Cumbia from a hedonistic life of lonliness, confusion, and accents on the 2 and 4?  Only time will tell.