Do not wait til summer to wear your shorts. Let´s get caliente with Latino Fiesta. 


Let your inner latin beast take over. Not a dancer? drink until you become one.


Come enjoy a DJ set specially chosen for your enjoyment. You will even sing along in Spanish by the end of the night.


There will be piñata, motivational dancers and live instruments.



Parties inspired on Mexican traditions with Mexican food. Appropriate for all ages, company parties, holiday parties.


pi∙ña∙ta noun \pēn­ˈyä­tә\decorated container filled with candies, fruits, and gifts that is hung up at parties or celebrationsand hit with a stick by children until it is broken and the things inside it fall out.


The piñata will be filled up with elements according to your needs. Some ideas: Candies/FruitsSmall Toys



  • A traditional Mexican meal of your choice made by a Mexican cook. (menu)

  • A traditional Mexican DJ set  (1 hour minimum)​

  • Hire Los Fuegos for a special price if live music is desired.

  • Traditional Mexican theme decoration.

  • Photographic and/or audiovisual register of the event.​