The project embodies through a great variety of sound textures reproduced by Mexican traditional instruments such as “jarana” and ukulele supported by beats, samplers and electronic textures. In our music it may noticed a variety of influences such as Rock , Reggae , Hip hop, Cumbia , Latin American Folklore, World Music and more.


Timoneki has been part of several concerts and music festivals such as Cumbre Tajin 2015, Festival Vaniloquio , Festival 5 de Mayo, Festival Luces de Invierno, Festival Ometeotl, Festival Guacamaya, TAG ciudad de México, and others, sharing stage with artists such as Natalia Lafourcade , Celso Piña, Angeles Azules, Sonex, Centavrvs, Tropikal Forever, Antidoping, Easy Star All Stars and Troker.